Piggie Splish Splash Bash!

The inspiration behind this Peppa Pig party really began with the idea for an umbrella installation, as jumping in muddy puddles is one of Peppa’s favorite activities. So, we were super excited when we came across the heart-shaped umbrellas in shades of pink and purple.

Oui Party - Peppa Pig Party - Umbrella 2.jpg

To create this splashy install, we first hung the umbrellas with fishline from command hooks on the ceiling, staggering the colors of course.

Then, we layered in iridescent fringe curtains, to create a sparkly rain effect. Last, we created cloud-like balloon structures using clusters of white balloon duplets for some fluffy fun.

Oui Party - Peppa Pig Party - Umbrella Installation 1.jpg

For the sweets, we knew we wanted to have treats that reflected Peppa’s world. Sugar Crush Sweets created mini blueberry “Pana Cotta pond” dessert cups with lots of sprinkles and adorable duck toppers!

XO Bakes turned out the most perfect royal icing cookies featuring the cast of characters―can't forget George's dinosaur―flowers and balloons.

Oui Party - Peppa Pig Party - XO Bakes - Cookies.jpg

Finally, Sweet and Saucy Shoppe baked the dreamiest Peppa Pig cake we have ever seen complete with vanilla muddy puddle drips. 

For the table, we used pink Frenchie stripe plates and cups from Daydream Society and paired them with DIY'd pink surprise balls.

Oui Party - Peppa Pig Party - Tablescape - XO Bakes.jpg

That's right, we used lots and lots of pink crepe paper to wrap up little toys and with two small foam dots, turned them into pig snouts. How's that for clever clogs?!

Oui Party - Peppa Pig Party - Pig Surprise Balls.jpg

Earthbaby Flowers arranged the most gorgeous blooms with lots of pops of pink and purple.

We hope you enjoyed our cheeky little piggy party *snort* 

Get the party blueprint here!

Oui Party - Peppa Pig Party - Umbrella Installation and Tablescape.jpg

Photography: Billye Donya

Design/Planning: Royale Ziegler of But First, Party

Styling/Fringe Installation and Balloons: Rachel Huntington of Bonjour Fete

Partyware: Daydream Society

Party Blueprint: Black Twine

Dessert Cups: Sugar Crush Sweets

Cake: Sweet n' Saucy Shop

Cookies: XO Bakes

Umbrellas: Umbrella Haven 

Flowers: Earth Baby Flowers

Childrens' Table: Rachel Metz

Children's Chairs: Wayfair


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