Sweet on Sweets!

“This shimmering shell cookie from Elise Cakes was really like finding a pearl in an oyster! (Which, fun fact, is 1 in 12,000!) Rachel Chan’s work is a rare mix of precision and playfulness, and we are so lucky to work with her often.” Royale


"This pattern is my all time favorite. Does anything say spring the way Liberty does?" Rachel


“One again, Rachel Chan of Elise Cakes, took a tired trend, the donut wall, and gave it life. My son was spinning his wheels for these Cars 3-inspired treats!” Royale   

“When Emily of Whisk and Whittle brought this succulent beauty out of the cake box, our jaws hit the floor. There were no words.” Rachel

Elise Cakes accomplished a mix of hard and soft with this cake for our Martha Stewart Halloween shoot. I wanted to base to appear cement-like, and the top a bit lighter, which was achieved with gorgeous meringues, fresh fruit and rose gold drips.” Royale  


“Who doesn’t want to start their day off with a sugary treat? Pop tarts took a sophisticated turn for this brunch and we were the lucky recipients thanks to Chantal Carter.” Rachel


“I had absolutely been DYING to work with Inspired to Taste’s Liz Joy. She really did our Candyland holiday theme justice with this perfectly pastel cake!” Royale   


“Rainbow everything is the way to my heart. And stomach. Good thing the gals from Sugar Crush Sweets know the way!” Rachel


“These macarons were inspired by a Liberty London plate print and Scootabaker’s Heather Wong absolutely did it justice!” Royale

“We have to fight each other off for these gummy goodies by Sugarfina. I have a secret stash in my office that Royale tries to dip into when she thinks that I am not lookin :-)”  Rachel

“There is so much to love about this Everything but the Kitchen Sink Cake from our friends at Sugar Crush Sweets! If I had to pick my favorite part it would be the hot pink frosting. And the giant gumball embellishments. And the candles, Ok, all of it was my favorite!” Royale


“One of the more elegant creations that we have ever seen. This classic beauty from Sweetlee Made is perfect for a baby shower celebrating a new little bunny.” Rachel

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