Into the Wild Party

Keep calm and palm on was the name of the game for this safari-inspired soiree! We had been looking for an opportunity to use palm frond foil balloons, and when we came across a palm tree fringe chandelier, a wild idea struck us: marry the two!

Another balloon-trend we can’t get enough of? Painted jumbos—and these animal print beauties were spot on!

The Into the Wild partyware is really what inspired the whole design concept, we were so excited when Daydream Society launched the collection last year. All of their prints are such fun and modern takes on quientissentail kid party themes, and honestly, a breath of fresh air!


We are also huge fans of built-in party favors, like the tattoos and rubber stamps from the collection. No monkey business here!

For the treats, we were looking for desserts that felt easy and playful. We also wanted the sweets to be less themey and more gender neutral, so we let the color story within the Jordan Sondler illustrations inspire our choices. We topped a mint-hued SusieCakes Vanilla Celebration Cake with animal figures and a glittery gold Hooray topper.

The Sugar Crush Sweets cupcakes featured an interesting textured frosting detail: little sugar yarn pom poms in a variety of punchy colors!

So, if you’re on the hunt for a pawesome theme, look no further, this one is party-animal approved.  

PartySarah LazarComment