How to Craft a Boo-tiful Halloween Photo Backdrop

Though we’re sad to see summer go, we couldn’t be more excited for the start of the holiday season. And the first of these festivities happens to be our favorite, Halloween! There’s just something so fun about dressing up, and of course, there’s the candy. So, we decided to capture the sweetness and craft a boo-tiful Halloween photo backdropand you can too!

Get spinning on your own Halloween garland by first layering paper cobwebs on top of colorful honeycomb tissue balls. Then, string on these black, orange, and rose gold pinwheels. (We based the garland’s color scheme off of the partyware featured later in the post.)


Next, pop in some tasselsours were rose gold and mint for a fun twist on traditional Halloween colors.


Finally, hang the garland over your Halloween party backdrop. We picked up the cutest chalk Halloween backdrop from FabDrops, but a blank wall is a spooktacular budget-friendly option.

We don’t know about you, but this Bride of Frankenstein cotton candy from Sugar Bouffant was so good it gave us the chills and made our hair stand on end!

Getting back to the basics, let’s chat costumes. Lovelane capes are the absolute cutest, and this magical Unicorn Costume is no exception. Just throw on your cape and cuffs and let your spirit animal loose! If that doesn’t have you hooked, this pirate vest is full of treasures with a secret map lining and removable parrot pal!


Photobooth props are a party staple, but for Halloween we suggest keeping your props minimal and letting your guests’ costumes shine! This little mustache was just what the pirate arr-dered.

So, you’ve got your photobooth backdrop ready to go, but what about decor for the rest of the party? Never fear, we’ve rounded up all of Bonjour Fete’s Halloween party must-haves (even if they are a little scary!)

First up, Halloween party blowers are a terrific treat for little tricksters. Also terrific, a tiger cape of course! And for those who like to let their imaginations fly, these pink shimmery butterfly wings make waves when paired with this mermaid tail wrap skirt.

And may we just say, this BOO piñata from Tiny Gala is the bat’s meow. Fill with candy and it’s sure to be a smash!

Gang’sor should we say fang’s—all here!


Don’t be afraid of pops of color. We mixed black and white marbled pumpkins with this teal pumpkinand we’re pretty sure Frank was feelin’ it, even if he couldn’t say.

Put a rose gold fork in it, it’s dead! We’re all about the metallic rose gold details on these platesnapkins and cups.

If you know us, then you know we’re not into cookie cutter partiescookie cutter cookies, yesparties, no. So, we introduced this mint grid print for an added modern twist! (It also comes in coral, which fits right into this party palette!)

Use rose gold and white cupcake stands to display mini pumpkins, top ’em off with witches hats for decor that’s on point.

These Halloween party picks were fangtastic additions to our cupcakes, which sat perfectly atop this neon coral cake stand.

Skeleton party poppers are a favor no body can resist! (Are we cracking you up with all of our Halloween puns yet?)

We hope we’ve done a good job spelling it out, and wish our fellow witches happy crafting!

Styling and Design by Royale Ziegler of But First, Party!
Photography by Billye Donya
Originally featured on Project Nursery
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